Charlie Wu

Charlie Wu

Managing Director
Asian-Canadian Special Events Association

Taiwan and the Philippines - Taiwan Does Good!

July 22, 2018

On the streets of Cebu, Philippines, there is always a group of people carrying blue bottled water, similar to those selling goods on the streets. Of course we usually choose not to buy it, and even question it in our head – who would buy it? But according to locals, this bottled water company is a good water company who uses street persons as their only means of distribution. While selling the bottled water, they are also given a job opportunity. If you really think about it, all the good things done in this world are all sometimes so quickly disregarded!


In Taiwan, there is a young lady with a heart to open a corner store in Gongliao, named Yen-Chun. She hopes to share with her friends all these products from environment-friendly and conscientious farmers in Taiwan. With the intention of serving her friends with great quality and assurance, she started the “Let’s Savour Taiwan” movement. Even though “eating” is something that motivates many people, of course, in healthy ways and exciting styles, hearing these farmers’ motivations and their years of persistent hard work makes you feel the warmth of the Taiwanese people and get a deeper sense of Taiwanese culture. Yen-Chun brings us eleven fantastic stories and hopes to meet those with a similar heart to continue to use their mouths to support the “Let’s Savour Taiwan!” movement.


Let’s get to know these eleven stories full of love for Taiwan!

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