Charlie Wu

Charlie Wu

Managing Director
Asian-Canadian Special Events Association

Taiwan and the Philippines - We are all migrants

July 5, 2018

TAIWANFest Blog - We are all migrants

The hope that our own culture and heritage can become part of mainstream society is common to many Canadian immigrants – so much so that it is a milestone that many migrants and communities strive to achieve. Closing the door to such an opportunity can be a painful experience; even if an event has gotten media, public figure, or other influencer attention, promotion the event to the fullest is still a must!

 In Taiwan or Hong Kong, foreign and migrant workers are quite common. Without any boundaries to what they can do in their new country, they contribute greatly to the local economic development. Many of these youth and young adults spend the peak of their lives in Taiwan; similar to native Taiwanese, they carry hopes and ambitions that bring out the best in them. Outside of the workplace, they also endeavour in hopes that some of their own culture can become a part of the mainstream – the Taiwanese.

 What if we replaced the word “Taiwan” with “Canada”?

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